Sunday, 14 August 2011

High Five, Teamwork and A Pressing Engagement Review

Hi all, I know its been over a week since I last posted, but I've had little chance to actually type up reviews, so please forgive me! Now on with the reviews of these three episodes:

High Five starts off with a nice scene at the juice bar, which shows off Jasons atheltic ability. Billy comes along and gives them their communicators, which have the famous bleep sound.You see Rita scheming, then sending a space shuttle to open a time trap to put the rangers in. It's good to see that she's actually trying to get rid of the rangers, which is something that will change in future episodes.Putties are sent, and Kimberly says to morph, which Jason denies, showing another reason he is leader; he actually listened to the rules of being a ranger that Zordon told them. Billy runs off and gets into a spot of bother, causing Trini to deal with her fear of heights to save them. There's some interesting fighting techniques used by Jason, Zack and Kimberly to finish off the putties, before Rita sends down her monster. They easily defeat the monster of the day, before Jason takes him on using the Tyranozord alone. Either this is a weak monster, or they just liked to use overkill in other episodes. All in all this is a decent filler episode that helps develop Trini, who becomes one of my favourite rangers.

Teamwork starts off with Trini and Kimberly campaining against a dumpsite. This is good as it shows the reason why Zordon chose them to become rangers since they are selfless, and want the best for other people. The others come along and see what they're up to, but turn down helping. The girls visit the dumpsite and Rita sends putties to ambush them. We then see Zack trying to teach apha to dance. Why Zordon allows this I'll never know. Rita sends the monster of the day and the male rangers go to fight him. Zords are callerd but they are pretty much innefective. Then Zordon calls the rangers back and gives them their power weapons (power axe, power bow, power daggers, power lance, power sword) and they finish the MOTD off with the combined blast. The male rangers then decide to help out with the petition, showing off their teamwork. The episode serves as a good introduction to their power weapons, which are shown to be powerful. I think they isolated the female rangers from the male to help draw female viewers in, since there were two female centric episodes straight after the pilot.

A Pressing Engagement is a Jason centric episode. It begins with him trying to break the bench press record, but prevented by a mishap with Kimberly and Zack. The three then go to fight one of the more famous Monster of the Day, King Sphinx. He flaps his wings (no literally) and sends Zack and Kimberly away so he can fight Jason alone. Zordon then releases the power crystals (which we have already seen them use in Zords somehow) so the other Rangers can find and help Jason. Then there is a big Megazord fight with King Sphinx and Goldar (he just loves it big) where we see that the Megazord mode is now  better than the Tank mode, which I'm putting down to the Power Crystals. To end the episode we see Jason being cheered on by his friends as he beats Bulk's record. I think this episode is the best so far, with a good plot to introduce the Power Crystals.

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